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 Our Culinary Tale: Our Story


Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Tzeira had always been a creative soul, designing her own clothing and culinary masterpieces from a young age. While watching her grandmother who was an expert chef, she became fascinated with ancient medicine and the world of botanicals, and began investigating the use of natural, plant-based treatments as solutions for her own health issues and sensitivities. Inspired to help women overcome similar problems through diet, Tzeira established a wellness clinic, where she first learned of pomegranate seed oil from one of her patients. When she experienced the ability of this oil to reverse years of skin damage, she knew she had discovered something special that she would have to share with the world.

Having shied away from traditional beauty products for years due to her sensitivities, Tzeira now drew on her training as a nutritionist and her love for natural ingredients to begin developing her own creams based on this miracle oil from the pomegranate. She followed her culinary intuition, preparing each formulation as she would a sumptuous recipe, hand selecting the freshest botanicals and adjusting combinations over time to deliver the perfect sensory experience. And thus, her Recipes for Skin philosophy was born.

Tzeira casually shared the products with her friends, hosting parties where she served a salad dressed with raspberry vinaigrette, and alongside it a raspberry moisturizer, to educate about the value of using pure ingredients on your skin, as well as in food. Encouraged by friends who raved about the results and demanded more products, she realized that this passion of hers was soon to become more than a hobby. Tzeira worked with doctors and fatty acid experts to define the unique molecule in pomegranate seed oil as Omega 5, and progressing from kitchen to lab, she partnered with chemists to develop a full range of green skin care founded on the proven science of Omega fatty acids and natural active ingredients.

Today, Pomega5 cosmeceuticals are prescribed in clinics, and Tzeira continues her commitment to educating about the importance of nutrition and self-knowledge, viewing Pomega5 as an ambassador to the brand’s greater wellness philosophy and vision.

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