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I have been a loyal user of Pomega5 for several years now. After experimenting with various brands, I can say that other products just don't have the same effect, and certainly don't feel as pure. For me, the ultimate combination is the Repair Duo, which includes Intensive Nightly Repair Serum and Grenade Anti Rides Nourishing Cream, two truly phenomenal products. Each time after using them my skin feels silky smooth and nourished, and positively glows! My friends constantly remark on how youthful I look - you can definitely notice a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. Whether or not you care about natural ingredients, these are products I would recommend to any woman who is searching for a good anti-aging system because they really work, and it shows. Thank you, Tzeira, for giving me the gift of beauty and youthfulness, and for fostering my self-esteem.
Sausalito, California
I had acne for 16 years and tried everything - Spironalactane, Chlindomycin, and many skincare products. I had so much scarring from the cystic acne; I feared nothing would ever help me. I would cry when I would wash my face, or even when I applied moisturizer. My face was so tender. I literally hid my face from the mirror and even from my husband. I was so red and blotchy. My skin looked as if it was peeling off... I was so ashamed! Until - Pomega5 brought healing to my skin, and ultimately to my life! Now my skin has said bye-bye acne and redness, and hello beautiful! You know the best thing? I feel beautiful! Pomega5 products have so influenced my life that when I am an esthetician I will only use Pomega5 products on my clients. Thank you, Pomega5!
Castle Rock, Colorado
I grew up in the Southwest - a sun worshipper who never knew the word, "sunscreen," until my late-20s. I was constantly in the sun, with a great love for sports and the outdoors. In addition to the challenges of a lot of streaky pigment on my face, I found that almost every product line I’d ever tried caused my sensitive skin to be constantly broken out in blemishes. So, by the time my friend quietly spoke to me about the Pomega5 line, I was using almost NOTHING. My skin looked dry, leathery and streaky with pigment - sadly, old beyond my years. However, I was afraid of the breakouts and very skeptical whether anything could help my skin. I am a businesswoman, attorney and negotiator; at 52 my life is a whirlwind of work and family obligations. I wanted to look better, but needed a simple, foolproof system - something that would not make my skin worse AGAIN. At the time I was introduced to Pomega5, I had lost faith that any products could help my skin... My dear friend, another dedicated customer, actually sent me three Pomega5 products as her generous gift to me: Bulgarian Rose Moisturizing Beauty Bar, Intensive Nightly Repair Serum and Grenade Anti Rides Nourishing Cream. I am so happy and thrilled with Pomega5. I am attaching a recent, completely un-retouched photo of me with one of my beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. I hope you will agree that the miraculous results of your products are clearly shown in this photo. With a grateful heart,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Pomega5 is the best ever skincare I have tried! I love all the products. They are well worth the investment! All of the products are rated 0 or 1 on Skin Deep’s Cosmetic Safety Database, which means green light (0 - 3) safety rating. Thanks for the great products.
Tammy Marie
Cameron Park, California
I have been enjoying the quality organic Pomega5 products for over a year. Healing Cream works as a great base and soothes my sensitive eyelids. The aromatic Lemongrass Clarifying Cleansing Bar is delightful to use, even on my 55 plus skin. Recently I tried the new Intensive Nightly Repair Serum and Bois de Rose Velvet Hydrating Cream, and I wake up to moist skin. I highly recommend that you give Pomega5 a try.
Irvine, California
With so many products on the market today, making the right choice seems overwhelming. I must admit that Pomega5 is a brand that keeps its promise! I’ve been using several Pomega5 products almost for 4 years and have been a convert ever since. My problem skin has never looked better, and I’ve been getting many compliments... and questions about my "secret". Try the products for yourself, especially if you prefer pure and natural products, or if you’re a skeptic.
New York, New York
What people my age are experiencing is age discrimination. However, I’ve found that when using Pomega5 I just don’t feel old. I not only look younger, but also feel younger than I am.
La Jolla, California
I currently use Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Bar and Healing Cream. In the warmer months I use Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer. I love all Pomega5 products because I trust that they are good for my skin, and my skin thanks me by looking gorgeous. :) I just purchased three sample sizes of the soon-to-launch products. I have been using them for two weeks now, and I admit that my skin has never looked better. Even if I'm dehydrated, I can fake it with the Bois de Rose Velvet Hydrating Cream during the day, and for night Intensive Nightly Repair Serum and Grenade Anti Rides Nourishing Cream. And, I'm absolutely thrilled to read that an oil-based cleanser, Hydrating Essential Cleansing Oil, is on the way. I am a big fan of oil cleansers and a Pomega5 version would be my first choice!
Sellersburg, Indiana