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As the largest organ of the human body, skin is not simply an external covering independent from the rest of our physical being. It demands the same nourishing ingredients that we ingest - essential fatty acids, nutrient-rich botanicals, and minerals - to retain a youthful, vibrant appearance. By this same token, skin also reflects our inner state of health, manifesting imbalances in the form of blemishes, dry patches, inflammation, and excessive oiliness. Simply put, whatever is happening on the outside is likely happening inside as well.

Therefore, a truly comprehensive skin regimen can’t rely on external treatments only, but must also be accompanied by an internal maintenance program focused on:

  • Healthy diet based on green leafy vegetables and Omegas 3, 5, and 9 from lean sources of protein like fresh water fish, pomegranate seed oil, and olive oil
  • Plentiful consumption of water to continually hydrate and purify the body
  • Regular fitness routine to maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Adequate and satisfying rest patterns
  • Balanced emotional life with minimal stress (though a little can be good!)

These topics and more will be covered in this section of the website, as we post articles related to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle on all fronts.

Without a doubt, the most critical aspect is diet, and it has also become the most complicated given the age of industrial food production that we now live. As a civilization, never in history have we possessed such an abundance of food and at the same time been so unhealthy. Pomega5 Founder Tzeira Sofer, a nutritionist and culinary master who has spent decades perfecting recipes that are wholesome yet delicious, will share her years of experience, meal balancing guidelines, and unique recipes for every time of day.

Pomega5, we truly believe, is more than skin care: it’s a philosophy to live by. We encourage you to join the regular conversations on our Blog and become part of the Pomega5 community, or submit topics for discussion through our web contact form.