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 Philosophy & Mission


Our Mission

Using the purest, freshest bioactive ingredients derived wholly from nature, we strive to create efficacious products that go beyond skin care to genuinely feed and nourish the body from the outside in. We believe beauty is the reflection of health, and view skin care as a tool for educating about nutrition and wellness, as well as transforming it.

Product Philosophy and Commitment

We believe that products for skin should be formulated with the same care that we prepare our food. Skin, after all, is the largest, most exposed organ and our most immediate connection with the natural world. It too requires pure, nourishing ingredients, lovingly selected to sustain life, as part of a greater bond that demonstrates respect for the environment.

Committed to preserving the efficacy and integrity of every ingredient, as well as the safety of the consumer and the earth, we use only the purest, freshest organic ingredients in everything we do.

Our products contain no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes, and are made to order in fresh batches every week. Rather than sourcing bulk fillers, we produce our own base from scratch, a practice that has all but disppeared in the modern beauty formulation process. The Pomega5 Bio Natura Seal, which can be found on every product label and package, reflects this heartfelt commitment to you, the consumer, as well as to nature. In recognition of our efforts, Pomega5 has received the highest marks from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database .

What Makes Us Unique

Unmatched Purity and Active Ingredient Content

  • Organic ingredients selected for freshness and compatibility, especially Omega fatty acids 3, 5 and 9
  • 98% active ingredients
  • No parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetics; Cruelty-free
  • Uniquely concentrated formulations are made from scratch without fillers

Performance that Transforms the Skin

  • A synergistic agent for nutrients to the skin, Omega 5 addresses damage and imperfections on the cellular level
  • Visible improvements in skin health and appearance by naturally eliminating free radicals
  • Botanical preservative ensures freshness for 18-24 months

An Unforgettable Sensory Experience

  • Exclusive, essential oil-based scent system
  • A mood-altering ritual that one anticipates throughout the day, Pomega5 incorporates all of the senses, invigorates and enhances energy levels through smell and touch