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 Sustainable Practices


Beyond the purity of our formulations, sustainability is a way of life that extends to all areas of our mission and organization at Pomega:


Staying true to nature, our Omega 5 oil comes from pomegranates that have been grown and harvested in the same region of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years. We source nearly 100% of our ingredients from organically farmed land, and every ingredient arrives from the supplier with a certificate of authenticity. In the rare case that a quality organic form is unavailable, we will source a fair trade, sustainably harvested variation.

Manufacturing & Product Development

Recognizing the environmental hazard posed by most production processes, from the very first day Pomega chose to manufacture at a certified green lab, where product purity and safety regulations, monitored by the French Ministry of Health, are most stringent. Our facility uses no harmful chemicals: even the cleaning of machinery is carried out with natural enzymes.

Our dedication to creating pure products required years of experimentation and re-formulation to achieve stability and luxurious texture previously only afforded by parabens and synthetics. Today, we are one of the only companies in the world to offer products made with emulsification and preservative systems that are entirely botanical and pure.


All Pomega5 product packaging is 100% recyclable, even the plastic bottles, which have been certified by the European organic certification organization, ECOCERT. We use glass containers wherever possible, since they provide the most compatible environment for products as rich in essential oils as ours, while also representing a safer, more ecological packaging solution. However, because current technology doesn’t offer glass containers with airtight capacity, we have made the decision to keep a few of our moisturizers in plastic, airtight bottles to protect the formulations from oxidation. Unfortunately, given the lack of synthetic preservatives in our products, they become far more sensitive once exposed to air, dramatically losing potency as well as shelf-life expectancy.

We source sustainable and recyclable materials for packaging and shipping, including recycled paper stocks for collateral, which are printed with non- and low-VOC inks. In shipments, we protect our products using biodegradable, cornstarch-based packing peanuts, and have opted to create product sleeves instead of boxes to minimize packaging waste.

Education & Community

Central to Pomega’s mission is our dedication to educating consumers about wise product choices, as well as healthy lifestyle and nutrition. We are in the process of developing a complementary curriculum to be provided to practitioners, clinics and stores that will be selling the products, as well as building out a database of resources in the Wellness and Blog portions of this website.

Pomega is a strong supporter of the Teens Turning Green organization, which aims to educate young women and men about greener alternatives and take initiative to change existing product regulations. In recent years, we partnered with the non-profit and Whole Foods Market nationally to create three products for the Teens Turning Green ™ product line, all of which earned the Whole Foods Premium Body Care ™ Quality Seal.