Pomega5′s Full Ingredient Disclosure

“What are those harmful sounding elements now appearing at the end of Pomega5 ingredient lists? Did you reformulate your products?”

Dear Concerned Customers,

We know that you read the labels, and we are not trying to fool you! We would like to take this opportunity to address the above concern that has been raised by several of our customers: ingredient disclosure.

You will notice that Pomega5 ingredient labels now incorporate names like eugenol, geraniol and benzyl salicylate. These, however, are not additions that Pomega has recently made to our product line. Rather, they are the natural constituents of essential oils used in our products, and they have always been there.

Here at Pomega, we are committed to offering products made with the purest and highest quality botanical ingredients, and essential oils play a key role in providing a powerful sensory experience. In fact, we use over 25 essential oils in our products, from lemongrass to grapefruit to lavender. Natural components of these essential oils, including eugenol, geraniol and benzyl salicylate, are potential allergens (a substance containing a protein that causes an allergic response).  Almost anything can be an allergen for someone.

Any product that includes essential oils (as opposed to synthetic fragrances and perfumes used to produce the scents in many conventional beauty products) contain these allergens. They are not additives; they are naturally occurring and inherent in lemongrass and other citrus essential oils, in particular.

European Union regulations now mandate that allergens be listed on all cosmetic ingredient labels. This is something that Pomega takes very seriously, and in our effort to be entirely transparent, we have decided to implement this European practice in our own labeling standards. This type of labeling is not even required in the US yet, and we hope that will change in the near future.

We highlight all of these naturally occurring allergens in our ingredient glossary on our website.

It has been suggested that such ingredients are linked with neurological problems, but this is only potentially the case if they are present in very large quantities. Pomega5 formulations incorporate drops of essential oils in, and by definition, essential oils should only be used sparingly anyhow.  Most importantly, the use of essential oils has been around for literally thousands of years for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. They are the purest and cleanest option for sustainable beauty.

You can read more about the regulation of allergen labeling in cosmetics HERE.

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