Meet the Founder!

Meet TzeirTzeira Sofera Sofer: nutritionist, designer, entrepreneur, and – oh yes – mother of three. She may be a visionary founder, but upon moving to California seven years ago, Tzeira never dreamed she would develop – much less be running – her own cosmeceutical business. Traditionally a practitioner in nutrition and women’s wellness, she spent her days counseling others about their diets, allergies and ailments. Although this continues to be her true passion, she asserts that Pomega5 is not far removed from her ultimate dream of one day building a wellness center for women. In between formulating new products and orchestrating multiple business meetings, Tzeira still finds time to indulge her love for fashion design (like many innovators, she has a highly eccentric taste), cooking and outings with her husband, children and faithful pup, Lizzie.

Read more about Tzeira in her 2007 interview with Marin Magazine.

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